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Ellen Goodman

Ellen Goodman

Author, Columnist

Using a combination of wit and wisdom, Ellen Goodman unfastened the male lock on socio-political punditry. One result: pronounced expansion of the range of topics considered worthy of editorial content, such as relationships and human values, per se. Her vivid style attracted a fervent national following, including many not previously readers of opinion pages.

Goodman won a Pulitzer Prize for Distinguished Commentary in 1980, and holds several other major awards, including one for distinguished writing from the American Society of Newspaper Editors. In 2008, she won the Ernie Pyle Award for Lifetime Achievement from the National Society of Newspaper Columnists.

She is the author of several books, “Turning Points,” “I Know Just What You Mean: The Power of Friendship in Women’s Lives,” with Patricia O’Brien and five volumes of her collected columns. Her latest book, “Paper Trail: Common Sense in Uncommon Times” was published in 2004 by Simon and Schuster.

A 1963 cum laude graduate of Radcliffe College, Goodman spent 1973 to 1974 at Harvard as a Nieman Fellow. She was a syndicated columnist for The Boston Globe and the Washington Post Writer’s Group from 1976 to 2010.