Winners 2015

Winners in 2015 for work published in 2014

Excellence in Local Reporting

Kiera Feldman, 29, of The New Republic and The Investigative Fund for "Sexual Assault at God's Harvard"

Based on an online tip from an assault victim, Feldman investigated Patrick Henry College’s mishandling of sexual assault complaints. Interviews with several female students reveal a college administration that covered up sexual assaults and shifted blame to victims. Although other colleges and universities have come under fire for their handling of similar complaints, Patrick Henry College is one of a handful that avoids compliance with federal laws such as Title IX or the Clery Act by declining all federal funding.

Kiera Feldman
Kiera Feldman, 29

“Other female students who say they reported sexual assault or harassment to the administration also left feeling that school officials blamed them instead of holding the accused male students accountable,” wrote Feldman. “The administration they say, seemed much more concerned with protecting Patrick Henry’s pristine public image."

Excellence in National Reporting

Shoshana Walter, 29, and Ryan Gabrielson, 34 of The Center for Investigative Reporting for "Hired Guns"

An investigation on the haphazard system of lax regulation, weak screening standards and little to no training for armed security guards. Walter and Gabrielson compiled data on every state and uncovered cases where violent felons, the mentally ill and former police officers with civil rights violations were able to obtain jobs as armed security guards.

Shoshana Walter, 29, and Ryan Gabrielson, 34

“This project was built on challenging an assumption many of us have made in our daily lives – that armed guards make us safer," said the team of Walter and Gabrielson. "Few realize armed guards are subject to such low standards of training and oversight. We went to the public records for answers and were overwhelmed with cases in which people were harmed because guards had guns. The most harmed were the guards themselves.”


Excellence in International Reporting

Matthieu Aikins, 30, of Matter/Medium for "Whoever Saves a Life"

Matthieu Aikins heard about the lifesaving work of Syrian first responders and traveled to rebel-held Aleppo to tell their story. Members of the Hanano Civil Defense team risk their lives daily to save civilians caught in the aerial bombardment of Aleppo. Aikins follows the young volunteers as they rush to bomb sites, treat the injured, and retrieve bodies – dead and alive – from beneath the rubble.

Mathieu Aikins
Matthieu Aikins, 30

"They were there to stand beside the weakest, and the most hopeless, even at the cost of their own lives, even after losing three teammates, even after the destruction of their station," wrote Aikins. "So that others might live."