Finalists 2012

Finalists in International Reporting

  • Matthieu Aikins, WIRED
                “Jamming Tripoli”
  • Deborah Jian Lee, Sushma Subramanian, Foreign Policy
               “China's Left Behind Children” 2 parts
  • Karina Longworth, LA Weekly
                “Video Paradiso”
  • Terrence McCoy, Amazon Kindle Singles
               “The Playground”
  • Luke Mogelson, The New York Times Magazine
               “Pacifists in the Crossfire”
  • Brian Reed, Habiba Nosheen, WBEZ's "This American Life" (with ProPublica and Fundacion MEPI)
               “What Happened at Dos Erres”
  • Brian Schaefer, Moment Magazine
               “The New Normal”
  • Nicholas Schmidle, The New Yorker
                “Disarming Viktor Bout”
  • Kevin Sieff, The Washington Post
               “Field of Danger ”
  • Patrick Winn, GlobalPost
                “Seafood Slavery” 3 parts

Finalists in National Reporting

  • Shane Bauer, Mother Jones
                “No Way Out”
  • Lois Beckett, ProPublica
               “How Microsoft and Yahoo Are Selling Politicians Access to You”
  • Mary Cuddehe, The Atavist
                “Agent Zapata”
  • Joshua Foer,The New Yorker
               “Utopian for Beginners”
  • Jason Gonzalez, Minneapolis Star Tribune
               “Teen Athletes in Overdrive Find Bodies Can't Keep Up”
  • Chris Hamby, Center for Public Integrity
               “Hard Labor” series
  • Tim Higgins, Bloomberg News
               “Reuss Walks Tightrope at GM 20 Years After Father's Firing”
  • Carolyn Johnson, The Boston Globe
                “A Deadly Puzzle, and Then a Breakthrough”
  • Paul Kiel, ProPublica
               “The Great American Foreclosure Story”
  • Ezra Klein, The Washington Post
               “On Paper, A Different Debate Emerges”
  • Megan McCloskey, Stars and Stripes
                “Forever After” 3 parts
  • Adam Smeltz, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
               “Cancer's Racial Divide” 3 parts
  • Lisa Song, InsideClimate News
               “Few Oil Pipeline Spills Detected by Much-Touted Technology” 2 parts

Finalists in Local Reporting

  • Jenn Abelson, The Boston Globe
                “A Watered-Down Deal for Seafood Shoppers” 2 parts
  • Timothy Bolger, Long Island Press
               “Death Sentence”
  • Sam Dolnick, The New York Times
                “Unlocked” series
  • Hannah Dreier, Associated Press
               “California 9/11 Fund Raided for Deficits” 3 parts
  • Kiera Feldman, This Land Press
               “Grace in Broken Arrow”
  • Ryan Gabrielson, Center for Investigative Reporting – California Watch
               “Broken Shield” series
  • Joan Garrett, Chattanooga Times Free Press
               “Tempest in My Soul”
  • Melissa Harris, The Chicago Tribune
                “A Design for Healing”
  • Graham Hillard, Memphis Magazine
               “A Killing in Cordova: The Trial and Tribulations of Harry Ray Coleman”
  • Mike Hixenbaugh, The Virginian-Pilot
               “A Plane Fell from the Sky and Gave Him a Shot at Redemption”
  • Brett Israel, Environmental Health News
                “Dirty Soil and Diabetes”
  • Patrick Michels, The Texas Observer
               “Too Heavy to Bear”
  • Mike Morris, Houston Chronicle
               “Taxpayers’ $8.4 million Spent on Doomed Project” 3 parts
  • Ben Poston, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
               “Crime Drop?” 3 parts
  • Eric Roper, The Star Tribune, Minneapolis
               “Cameras Quietly Capture Plates” 3 parts
  • Michelle Ye Hee Lee, The Arizona Republic
               “Arizona Sex Offenders” 3 parts